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Post  DhaDominant1 on Fri Jan 07, 2011 9:57 pm

1st challenge is who am i challenge.

Team challenges
1)talking smack challenge-people will be paired up and have 2 minutes to talk shit about the other person and the person who has the best argument will win the round.

7)Bed hopping challenge-Based on such moments as hoopz and pumkin in flavs bed,brittanya and punisher,brittanya and 20 pack,like dat and buckwild,destiny and frank,new york and flav.there will be 5 beds.if you fail to answer a question correctly you will fall off and get dq if you get the question right you will pass and jump to the next bed till you get to the end.However if you get it wrong you may be able to use one of your ''Rafts'' which will give you another try at the question.Be careful because you will only get 3 ''rafts'' so if you use all 3 up and you get a question wrong you will automatically fall.he maximum time limit given is 10 minutes for each person so if you do not hop all beds before the time limit comes you will be done and that will be your time.If you fall off a bed you will automatically have that time.NOONE BUT THAT PERSON HOPPING BEDS IS TO POST ANSWERS.IF SOMEONE DOES POST ANSWERS FOR THAT PERSON BOTH PLAYERS WILL BE DQ'ED AND WILL HAVE A TIME OF 10 MINUTES.However a person may help someone via PM.Twist #1 gold lock.

1)Find the slope and y-intercept of the graph of the equation.Y=6x + 4. Answer: Slope= 6 Y-intercept=4
2)Find slope of the line passing through the points. (0,0), (5,2) Answer: Slope is 2/5
3)Solve 2x-5=1 algebraically. Answer: X=3
4)Order Of Operations: Substitute 2 for each t. -16tsquared+30t+40. Answer=36
5)Evaluate -3xsquared + 2xy-2ysquared when x=2 and y=3. Answers:-18
6)Name all the original ''underdogs'' in I Love Money 2. and what episode did each leave?Post them in the order in which they were eliminated. Answers:Myamme-Winner,Tailor Made-14,IT-14,Prancer-14,Ice-12,Bonez-7
7)Combine Like Terms in each expression. -2x+4-6y-11-5y+3x. Answer:=x-11y-7
8)Solve the equation. 4x-0.48=0.8x+4. Answer: x=1.4
9)Solve the equation. 6x+8=10x+12. Answer: x= -1
10)Solve. 3(x-4)+x+2=6x-2(x+3) Answer: -10=-6. No Solution
11)Solve. 10= -5+3(p - 4) for p. Answer: 9=P
12)Solve. 3(x + 2) - 5(x-3)= -2x +21. Answer: -2x +21= -2x+21 or 0=0
13)Solve: x + 2 divided by 5= x + 5 divided by 8. Answer: x= 3
14)Solve the equation. 2(t - 3) + 2 = 2(2t-6) Answer: 4
15)Solve the equation. 1/4(x + 4) = 2/5(x+2) Answer: 4/3
16)Write an equation and solve. A number increased by 11 is 1 more than 3 times the number. Answer: x + 11=3x + 1;5
17)Write the variation and find the quantity indicated. Y varies directly as X.Find y when x = 5 and k = 3. Answer: y=kx and answer is 15
18)Write the variation and find the quantity indicated. M varies inversely as the square of n. Find M when n=8 and k=16. Answer: m= k/n squared;0.25
19)Determine which ordered pairs satisfy the given equation. 7y=3x - 5. A.(1,-1) B.(-3,-2) C.(2,5) Answer: B. (-3,-2)
20)Determine which ordered pairs satisfy the given equation. x/2 + 3y/4=2. A.(0,4/3) B.(1,11/4) C. (4,0) Answer:A.(0,8/3), C.(4,0)
21)Find slope of the line through the given points.If slope is undefined,say that it is. (3,7) and (10,21). Answer:2
22)Which money lover asked to quit to save the best friend? Answer:Brandi
23)Solve the equation. (x + 3) (x - 6) = 0. Answer: X= - 3, X= 6
24)Solve using zero-factor property. (x - 1)(x + 2) = 0. Answer: 1,-2
25)Solve the equation by factoring. xsquared + 10x + 21 = 0. Answer:,-7,-3
26)Which money lover made it to the final 10 on i love money 2? Answer: Cali
27)Solve the equation. xsquared - 8x = -15. Answer: x = 3, x = 5
28)Factor the trinomial.If the trinomial cannot be factored,state that it cannot be factored. xsquared - x - 6. Answer: (x - 3 )(x + 2)
29)Using quadratic formula, solve the equation.If the equation has no real solution,say that it has no real solution. xsquared - 2x + 3 = 0. Answer: No real solution
30)Solve equation. 6xsquared - x - 7 = 8. Answer: - 1 and 1/2,1 and 2/3
31)Decide how many solutions the equation has.Then solve the equation. 3xsquared + 6x + 3 = 0. Answer: One solution, -1
32)Which money lover slapped someone with their check after there check was voided? Answer:Marcia
33)Evaluate expression for given value of x. -x + 12 - 5, x=9. Answer: - 2
34)Using quadratic formula, solve the equation.If equations has no real solution, say that it has no real solution. 3xsquared - 10x + 7 = 0. Answer: 7/3,1
35)Solve the equation. 3xsquared - 13x + 4 = 0. Answer: 1/3 and 4
36)Evaluate expression for given value of x. -(-3)squared(x),x=7. Answer: - 63
37)Evaluate expression for given value of x. (8x + 1)(-3),x=1/2. Answer: - 15
38)Which money lover wore lingerie to every elimination? Answer: Myammee
39)Using quadratic formula, solve the equation.If equation has no real solution, say that it has no real solution. 4xsquared - 11x + 13 = 0. Answer:No real solution
40)Determine midrange for the set of data.21,37,37,39,46. Answer:33.5

6)Know your enemy challenge-based on punisher always being one step ahead and knowing every ones strenghs and weakness.i will be posted birthdays and i will show them the opposite teams birthdays and they have to put them in order.from 1st month to last month.

4)Football-when i give out hint about the challenge say something like oh well ''the best whore better score or else they will be out the door'' you guys will be playing football and its called ''foul mouth touchdown''Best outta 5 points.based on shy's stinky mouth.

1)When was NFL founded?August 20, 1920
2)Who was the 1st african american quarterback in NFL?Willie Thrower
3)In 1961, who recorded 100-yard receiving games?Charley Hennigan
4)Who was the 1st NFL team to have cheerleaders?The Colts
5) In 1932, how many of the Chicago Bears’ games ended in a tie. six

5)the rank off challenge.based on everyone thinking their the favorite and there going to win the season.have each player from the team. privately rank themselves on who they think is most important to least important.... Then tally those up and make a master list from both teams... Then whoever is ranked first from each team will face off in something... The numbers 2s face off... the number 3s face off.....

And since there are 7 on each team. one team will win at least 4 and that would be the majority. Whichever team wins is safe. Which team loses votes 3 people in the box

2)Based on drunk people and not talking right and leaving words out when they talkChallenge name is ''Know Thy Country''.K below there are 6 sentences about mexico with a word or 2 blanked out.your team will have to fill in the blanks with the correct word.once the words are filled in, each team member will then send in one out of the 6 sentences by PM.If i said it was correct you may move on But if i said it was incorrect you will then have to start all over from the beggining.The paymaster will pay an important part in the challenge because he will post the order in which the team members will send it to me on the challenge board.if someone goes on someone elses turn they will have to start over.In order to win the answers must be correct,and the order in which the team members send me must be correct.The first tribe to have all 6 members send in the correct answers will win the challenge.

1)Mexico celebrate their ___________ _____ ________ on September 16.independence from spain
2)In 1962, the ______ _______ __ _____ _____ was established.National Commission of Outer Space
3)The largest and most prestigious public university in Mexico,is the _______ ________ _______ ________ __________.National Autonomous University of Mexico
4)some public universities in Mexico, such as ______ ______ _____ ______, have signed agreements with the U.S. to receive and train American students in Medicine.the University of Guadalajara
5)Mexico City hosted the ____ _____ ____ in 1968.XIX Olympic Games
6)The national sport of Mexico is _________.Charreada

3)Challenge name is POLE DANCE.based on stripper pole.each person will be hanging on to a stripper pole.
Both teams will be suspended in mid-air above the ocean hanging on to a stripper pole. The object of the challenge is to stay up there for as long as you can. The member who is the last one hanging on will win the challenge for their team.You guys will then be guessing numbers from 1-50.if you said a number like for example 24 and thats a number that i picked you will fall from the pole and will be eliminated from the challenge.the numbers have already been chosen.The way to win this challenge is to keep guessing numbers that i havent chose and the person who is the last person on the pole will win.Once a number has been said it can not be said for example if i say i pick 6 and im safe, 6 can not be used again.That does not go for the numbers that i have chosen.if i said 6 and that was a number that shouldnt have been picked, someone else can say 6 and still get eliminated.Every member will be apart of the challenge or else they will automatically drop.


8 )The Crying Game-based on every one crying.i will ask questions and once there all answerd you will have a tear come down. 1st team to have all their members get a tear will win the challenge.

Twist:when its 13 people i want each and everyone of them to put 3 people besides themself who they think deserve to win the money.have 3 different teams.Gold,Green,

Singles challenges

1).Spit stabber-People will spit onto their target in the back and once they have 3 spit shots landed on them the person with the 3 spit shots will be eliminated.Twist #2 person with first 3 spit shots hit on them will automatically go in the box.To make this game better we will be throwing in the ''spit dodger'' which is when someone spits on you and you use the spit dodger they will automatically miss.but beware you will only have 3 so use them wisely.

2)Rap Olympics challenge-Based on Lil hood rap.make a rap about the other cast mates in the house.

3)Dang Dha Slang challenge-Based on buckwild being ghetto.i will put a paragraph into slang and the person who translates it best into regular english will win the challenge

Paragraph.Yeo my boy dont that shorty got the cake?Word im bouta bust a move on shorty and then bust the digits.Nah my man chill but is it me or is it ma brick out im bouta be out to my crib.iight and you see that clown over there he got problems and i aint tryna shoot the fade now so i wont have to jump him and lay him out.Nah break that shit up my dude we not tryna be in the big house.Iight but my dude you got money to blow?nah i only got mula for a aint got money for a blunt?nah and we cant do that shit out here where the five-O gon get us at.damn yo you see that bitch i aint holla at her in a hot minute.but she aint even all that tho.iight no body ask for you 2 cents but good looks.iight deuces homie.


Hey friend, doesn't that girl have a big ass? Yes I'm about to make a move on her and try to get her number.No my friend don't do that, but Is It me or Is It cold outside? I'm about to go home.Ok and do you that guy over there. He has issues and I'm not trying to fight noe so I won't have to get my friends to fight him and hit him down to the floor.Stop the nonscence my friend we aren't trying to go to jail. Ok but my friend do you have money to spend? No i only have money for a cigarette. You don't have money for weed? No and we can not do that outside where the police will get us. Damn do you see that girl? i haven't talked to her in a long time.But she isn't that good looking. Ok no body had asked for your advice but thanks.Ok bye friend.

4)Save the boys challenge.Based on when real and chance had gotten arrested in season 1 of real chance of love,and when risky opened her mouth and did not mess her boys up with the police.well this time you guys will be put to a test to see if you guys will open your mouths at the right time to save the will each be going up against 1 person and i will be asking each pair a question and the 1st one to answer it right will move on while the person that got it wrong will be eliminated from the challenge.some questions to ask are 1)what are chance and real's real names?2)who was in the final 4 in real chance of love season 2?3)what are real and chance's rap group name?4)why was chance given the name chance and why was real given the name real?5)Who did chance choose on real chance of love 1?season 2??6)what girl was definantly one of chances favorites in season 1?7)whats the opening theme song's name to real chance of love 1?

answers:1)kamal and ahmad givens.2)Doll,Hot Wings,Mamacita,Sassy.3)the stallionaires.4)new york was going to give him a chance even though her mom didnt like her and real was given the name real because new york was really feeling him and everything he was saying was real.5)no wings 6)cali 7)does she love me

5)''dont pop the boobies''.they will answer questions about me the more they get the wrong the bigger the inflatable boobs will get.they will get 3 trys.if they become the 1st person out they will become dead last loser and go in the box.will give you 5 minutes to answer the question if you dont answerr your boob will automatically inflate.based on girls with big boobs
1)what is my favorite color?Red
2)what state am i living in?florida
3)what sport do i love to play?baseball
4)what am i planning to be after i finish college?lawyer
5)what is my nationality?puerto rican
6)how old am i?21
7)what school subject do i hate the most?science
8)Favorite show?Jersey Shore
9)Favorite Channel? MTV

6)''test the smarties'' based on smart people.ask them questions.deadlast loser will leave mexico.First one to get 5 points will win the challenge.

1)Who was the 11th president? James K. Polk
2)Decide whether 5 is a solution of the inequality. 3x+2<18. Answer:Solution
3)Which President had the shortest term? William Henry Harrison.
4)Solve the equation. 1/2x+10=15. Answer:10

Twist: Pick 3 people who you think should win the money.You may include yourself if you like. When the 3 people are chosen they will get a challenge where the winner will get to stay in the house and the 2 people who lose the challenge will be sent home.


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