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Post  DhaDominant1 on Fri Jan 07, 2011 10:57 pm

1) We will begin when we have 19-21 players. The game will take place on another website so once you sign up we will give you the website to register to, so you will be ready to begin. On the 1st episode the teams will be decided by the 2 team captains, which we will have after they have won the 1st challenge. The 2 winners will draft players onto the Green and Gold Teams. The draft will go doge ball style, which is back and forth until 1 player is sent home. THE DATE OF THE 1ST EPISODE IS NOT ANNOUNCED YET.PLEASE IF BE ACTIVE DURING THE GAME, IF YOU DONT THINK YOU WILL BE ACTIVE PLEASE DONT JOIN. ANYONE IS ALLOWED TO PLAY NO MATTER WHAT.IF I WAS IN A GAME WITH YOU AND WE DIDN’T LIKE EACH OTHER I WILL PUT THAT TO THE SIDE AND TREAT YOU LIKE I WILL TREAT THE OTHER PEOPLE IN THE GAME, WHICH IS LIKE A HUMAN.BUT PLEASE SINCE IM GOING TO SHOW RESPECT FOR YOU PLEASE SHOW IT BACK.


2) The Episodes will be Monday-Friday Nights at 9:00 pm EST. At 6:00 pm EST. I will post the name of the challenge to everyone and give you some hints about the challenge as they would do on the real I love money. At 9:00 Pm EST. I will tell you what the challenge is and post the challenge.

3) Episodes will involve a challenge posted at 9:00 EST each night, Monday-Friday. (We will always try to be right on time, but if sometime was to happen, Please give 15-30 minute of your time and if something horrible was to happen we can reschedule the challenge for the next night.) IF A PLAYER IS TO MISS MORE THAN THREE NIGHTS IN A ROW DURING MON-FRIDAY WITHOUT POSTING A SINGLE MESSAGE ON THE GAME OR GIVING ME NOTICE THAT YOU WILL BE GONE, THAT PERSON IS OUT.


4) Every episode, each team must select a team captain. This is important because the winning captain will hold an important role later on. The winner of the challenges will be PAYMASTER! When there are teams, before the challenge the team will decide who the paymaster is. If the paymaster is not decided by the time the challenge comes they will automatically go into ''THE VAULT''. The team that wins the challenge will have immunity for the night. This will happen until there are only 10 players left in the game and the teams will break up, When this happens the winner of the challenge will be PAYMASTER and will be the only one with immunity. The other players who did not win will go into "THE VAULT”. You will have 10-15 minutes in ''THE VAULT'' so use your time wisely. There also MIGHT be something called the ''GOLD LOCK'' which gives immunity to the ONE best player on the losing team in the challenge. Everyone on the losing team/losing players will vote for three people they want to be in DANGER OF ELIMINATION. The three people with the most votes are then in danger of elimination. To help with the votes we will ask the losing team/players 1 question each and they will each answer it and it will help them out and who should stay and who should go. The 3 people with the most votes will then go on a ''POWER OUTING'' that we will rearrange and those 3 people will plead their case on why they should stay. During the last 5 minutes of the ''POWER OUTING'' the Paymaster will decide which of the 3 he wants to spend the last 5 minutes with to continue pleading their case. During the ''POWER OUTING'' others may persuade him/her too, but that will not be done in the ''POWER OUTING’’, but by PM/Message. We will then give the Paymaster some time to think about whom he would like gone and once he’s done thinking we will start the eliminations. There’s different ways to void someone’s check you can do this by telling the 1st 2 people who are safe, or asking them questions at the elimination on why they should stay, or even just immediately voiding someone’s check. If you do not receive your check your check is voided and you have to bounce from Mexico. P.S Beware because there might be several twist in the game. These challenges will be based on things that happened on the ''of love'' shows but don’t be surprised if you see other types of challenges.

5) The game continues until there are 3 players left, at which they will compete in the final challenge. During the final challenge the winner of that challenge will be crowned winner of I LOVE MONEY 5.THERE WILL NOT BE A JURY, As i feel like people get screwed over by doing that. For example if Season 1 of I LOVE MONEY did not have a jury Megan could of made it to the final challenge. So since this is happening don’t be afraid to cause all the havoc you feel.


6) Feel free to type "CONFESSIONALS" saying what’s it like in the house (A beautiful Mexican mansion in Manzanillo, Mexico) and with the other contestants. And don’t be afraid because these will not be seen by anyone, but the Host and yourself. Also if you want build a Megan/Lacey/Punisher/Tailor Made, which makes the game very interesting. PM/Messages are allowed and are part of alliance building, arguments, and such but if there is an argument by PM please post the full argument in the ''CONFESSIONALS'' so we can see what happened. By the way please make your 1st ''CONFESSIONALS’ on the 1st episode saying hi, where they might know you from, what you might be famous for and how your going to play the game. Its so we might get a feel for you already, and where we might know you from. And please make the names of the CONFESSIONALS titled Episode 1 confessional, Episode 2 confessional, episode 3 confessional, etc. And put the confessionals in order the way you want them to be seen on the episode.


7) If a player chooses to quit, as it has been seen on numerous seasons, we will not end it there but we will go back into ''THE VAULT'' where the losing team will once again throw someone else in the box and they will then go back to the ELIMINATION CEREMONY where the paymaster will determine who stays and who goes.

Other Info

9) At the end of the season I will then post the ''EPISODES’ on the IMDB board and each night I will post a new ''EPISODE'' so stick around for those. We will also have a reunion the night after the final challenge where questions will be answered, fights will happen, and more craziness will happen. There will also be awards given out (For example, ''BITCH OF THE SEASON'',''BEST FIGHT'',''STRONGEST PLAYER'',''WEAKEST PLAYER'',''FAKEST PLAYER'',''STUPIDEST ELIMINATION DECISION'', and more)



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